Cozy Custom Ordered Diaper

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Pre Order can take 8-12 weeks for fabric to arrive
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This listing is for pre order fabric. Things you see that you would like to be ordered and maybe didn't have enough interest in the group. 


Please include all info, when pre order closes and where to purchase. Fabric will be ordered based on your order. 


You pay a 30% deposit, this is the sale price you see listed. I then send an invoice through pay-pal for the final amount including shipping. This will have payment options turned on. You are able to pay at your leisure until fabric arrives. 


Once fabric arrives it is then my standard 4-6 week turnaround. In the event of a large pre order you will be notified of a 6-8 week turnaround. 


Pre orders are a courtesy. Deposits are non refundable. I am human and understand things come up, if at any point you need to make arrangements please email